Pre and Post Operative Therapy

Are you considering a joint replacement surgery? Or maybe a rotator cuff, ACL, or spinal surgery? Let us assess your status and determine if we can prevent or postpone this surgery. Or let us educate you with exercises that will help with your post operative recovery and rehabilitation. If you’ve had surgery let us help you maximize your potential and expedite your return to a pain free active lifestyle.

Sports Rehabilitation

We work with all levels of athletes, from the adolescent, to the high school athlete, the weekend warrior, and the active retiree. Let us help return you to the sports specific activities you love to play. We will help design a plan of care that is specific to you and your situation and will educate you with an aftercare program to help prevent future injury.

Hands Therapy

We work with pre and post operative hand conditions. The hands are very intricate with small vessels, many nerves, and muscles working together to make them function. Hands are vital in our everyday life, that is why we take special care in assessing and treating each person and their individual situation.

Spine Manual Therapy

Back pain can result from many different causes. Some of which are: degenerative changes, muscle spasms, disc disorders, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, pregnancy, fibromyalgia, and many more. We specialize in manual treatments, stretching, exercises, and an aftercare program to help minimize pain and return to an active lifestyle.